About Us

I am Derick Midcap, the owner and operator of BurnTree Creative. Graduating from Williamstown High School in 1998, the very first website I created was for my school when I was sixteen years old. It was created with the old (very old) Netscape Navigator WYSIWYG method. Extremely basic and cheesy, but at the time, I thought it was pretty hot stuff.

Upon graduating from WHS, I attended World Harvest Bible College majoring in Pastoral Studies. After receiving my degree from there, I returned back to my hometown to attend West Virginia University at Parkersburg majoring in Business Administration. During this time, I created websites, youth pastored, worked part-time for Hertz Car Rental, and somehow managed not to explode.


In 2007 I married my high school sweetheart Wendy, and have enjoyed the last few years being married to the most beautiful and supportive wife for which a man could ask. She is an excellent people person with a talent to sing beautifully (my brother wanted her to try out for American Idol, but we shot that down pretty quick). And to add to her list of talents, she is a fantastic mother to our lovely baby girls, Kensington and Karis. Wendy and my girls are my escape from the world.

Currently, we are extremely active in our church – The ROCK Family Worship Center. Wendy sings and I play bass guitar and handle their media developments. I run BurnTree Creative and I would love to discuss your media project with you, big or small. Make sure to drop me a line on our contact page.