It must be the kid in me, but I have always had an extreme fascination with martial arts. I mean, they are just cool! Being able to do things with your body most humans couldn’t do, having the ability to put someone on the ground with only a finger, and don’t get me started on being able to do flips, it’s all just total awesomeness.

Anyways, I have the privilege of being apart of it all…but the bad part is that I get to be apart by sitting on my rear in front of a computer, no ninja stars, no brick breaking. I am currently doing a website redesign for Wagner’s Martial Arts. The majority of my web projects most usually begin with logo design, and Wagner’s Martial Arts is no exception. Wagner’s has been training world class martial artists for years and needed an identity that shows it.

An organization’s logo is of utmost importance to the impression that organization will have on its intended audience. More times than not, most companies that approach me for a web design project are also desperately in need of a logo design or redesign. And honestly, the whole website design revolves around the organization’s logo. The logo contains the color, style, and appeal of its organization.

Some final notes about logo design. Logos have multiple uses: letterhead, business cards, websites, clothing, banners, ads, etc. Sometimes a logo might not be appropriate for a particular project because of dimensions for example. A longer logo might fit perfectly on a business card, but might not look as well on a T-shirt. It is useful many times to have logos designed in multiple formats to be used for various projects as is the case with this logo. It has been designed to look good not only on a website, but as a patch on a karate gi as well.

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