This is my first blog post for BurnTree.  I want this to serve as a portfolio of sorts for old and new projects.  I find it is always kind of interesting to have a little bit of background about a design.  Interesting conversations, unexpected contacts, and stumbling upon new techniques in the process are always kind of cool to know.  One of my current projects that I am working on is a website for an awesome guy I know – Jorge Tecunolmos.  The picture I am posting with this blog is not one that I personally took.  It was taken by Michelle Coleman Photography, who comes with high recommendations. Check her website out sometime.  Anyways, Jorge is an artist who has done all kinds of amazing work. Painting is one of his great passions, and he does a pretty amazing job with it.  We are in the middle of production on his website and hope to have it launched by the end of February.

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  1. Cannot wait to see Jorge’s new website. I actually own a piece of his work…love it!!!

  2. Burntree Creative. Derick Midcap. Two names that are synonymous with excellence in creativity, marketing and service. Good to see that Parkersburg has big city talent without the big city prices. Keep up the good work!

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